Cleaning Marble And Travertine

August 24th, 2011 by Ken Albrecht

Several methods are available for cleaning marble and travertine. However, there are fewer choices when it comes to selecting an appropriate cleaner to perform the task at hand. The article we have referenced below comments on a cleaner but fail to give the requisite ingredients it is made up of. Merely being a pH neutral cleaner in itself is not enough despite all the postings made on the Internet.
A critical ingredient for a stone cleaner for cleaning your marble and travertine besides being  a pH-neutral (-7), is that it needs to be a non-chelated cleaner specifically designed for natural stone. Nothing else. Ever. Period. Floors cleaned with chelated products look dull, drab, and lifeless. We highly recommend MB-1 Floor Cleaner.
Contrary to the articles assertion most granite is not porous. Click here to read the full article:
Use of Improper Cleaning Chemicals is one of the greatest causes of degradation – we never cease to be amazed at the varied number and types of cleaning chemicals people (and their professional cleaning personnel) use on their marble floors. I’ve seen everything from vinegar and water (”that’s what my grandmother used”), to heavy-duty stone cleaners (”guy at the tile store said this was the strongest stuff they had”), and just about everything else in between. Recently we even had a client inform us that she read on the Internet that “cheap vodka” is a favored method of cleaning stone floors. WOW!
The investment in a top quality stone cleaner and the proper tools are miniscule compared to the costs to repair or replace your marble or travertine stone floors.
All in all, if you have a housekeeper or maid service be certain they are using the proper product and nothing else. The damage we have witnessed from the use of improper cleaning travertine and marble floors has been phenomenal and quite expensive in many instances to correct.