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It stands to reason if you have found this page your tile and grout in your Plano home has you concerned and you are seeking answers.

This is a common problem and Heaven Sent Floor Care has the benefit of their unique blend of training and experience in assisting thousands of other Plano and Dallas homeowners in the area restore the beauty of their tile and grout surfaces.


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How Did My Tile & Grout Get This Way?

We are so glad you asked. Heaven Sent Floor Care is committed to education before any sale. We provide a simple but effective plan with all our clients to eliminate your tile and grout from re-soiling prematurely.

We can both agree that soiled grout makes your entire floor and house look dreary. As a consequence of grout being a porous substance, it is prone to permanent staining and certain types of oils and so forth which will degrade your grout over time. This in turn can lead to health problems and additional costly repairs. 


Heaven Sent Floor Care Has The Solution!


If the above scenario describes your home right now, don’t worry. Heaven Sent Floor Care’s unique blend of training and experience translates into providing you with the best possible solution.  

Heaven Sent Floor Care specializes into transforming ugly tile surfaces into beautiful ones. Regardless what condition your shower, floor, or other tile surface is in, we can restore it to a like new condition.  We relish the moments when our clients have that Ah ha moment when the project is complete.

Contact Us TODAY!

Heaven Sent Floor Care prides themselves in restoring the beauty in every home we have the privilege to service. Our breadth of knowledge is extensive when it comes to restoring or maintaining tile and grout surfaces. Call us at 214-763-8832 for a free, no obligation assessment of your needs. Together, we can make your Plano home beautiful once again.  


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