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Marble Polishing Dallas|Plano

March 19th, 2010 by Ken Albrecht

You have most likely seen Emperador Dark Marble somewhere. It’s all over the place, very popular for bathrooms as well as furniture pieces. I don’t know if I’ve ever walked into a furniture showroom without seeing this marble on some table or decorative sculpture
Emperador Dark marble comes from a bedrock quarry in Spain. It is dark brown with white crystals and veins. It should be noted that it is fairly common for this marble to have voids in the raw material. Before it reaches the polishing stages, these voids are filled with a polyester resin. As a stone restoration company we often perform this as part of our service too. The tub deck below is one of my favorite designs I’ve seen in a home.
Remember that all marbles are calcium based stones. This means that anything acidic will etch the surface of the marble. I.e., orange juice, coffee, even some hand soaps & cleaners will etch the surface. There is not a sealer out there that can stop etching. Please re-read that as this is one of the biggest misconceptions that we encounter and that some unethical stone companies will tell clients in order to acquire their business. We simply like our clients to be aware of the care and maintenence of what they presently have or in deciding a prospective purchase. There is a reason that granite is the most common natural stone used in kitchens … it’s because it’s so durable!