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Dangers Of Stone Restoration Part 3

Example of crystalization




In our previous posts we have provided you with the facts about crystallization and the imminent dangers. In this post we would like to show you a small sample of some floors we have encountered that have fallen victim to this process.

Example of crystalization   Example 2 of crystalization  Crystalization on travertine    crystalization near grout line

  The verdict is clear. Most companies that utilize this process do not tell the customer specifically what they will be doing to their stone, then most customers do not know what to ask. In fact, the vast majority of customers just want their floors or other surfaces “shiny.” Recently we had a customer inform us that she wanted her floors to look like the floors at the Meyerson Symphony Orchestra downtown. A chuckle ensued. The Myerson’s floors are a classic case of crystallization. They have a plastic shine with no real clarity. The question remains what are your floors going to look like when Company X completes their work or for that matter even 6 months from then? Do you want to pay the restoration bill requried to correct the Pandoras Box these companies create for you? Allow me to give credit to Dr. Frederick M. Hueston for the majority of the technical research on this issue over approximately the past twenty years and that has been posted in this 3 part series. Dr Hueston is a very well respected colleague in the industry and has a degree in Chemistry.