Granite Restoration

Granite, igneous rock of visible crystalline formation and texture. It is composed of feldspar (usually potash feldspar and oligoclase) and quartz, with a small amount of mica (biotite or muscovite) and minor accessory minerals, such as zircon, apatite, magnetite, ilmenite, and sphene. Granite is usually whitish or gray with a speckled appearance caused by the darker crystals. Potash feldspar imparts a red or flesh color to the rock. Granite crystallizes from magma that cools slowly, deep below the earth’s surface. Exceptionally slow rates of cooling give rise to a very coarse-grained variety called pegmatite. Granite, along with other crystalline rocks, constitutes the foundation of the continental masses, and it is the most common intrusive rock exposed at the earth’s surface.

Granite is the most sought after stone when it comes to countertops and other surfaces in the home and with good reason. However, Heaven Sent Floor Care often discovers homeowners using Windex and other abrasive products that have robbed them of their once beautiful surfaces. Take a look at our Stone Blog for some common sense methods for maintaining your granite surfaces for years to come.

Chip, Scratch & Crack Repair:


Heaven Sent Floor Care has the experience to virtually eliminate any chip, scratch or restore a broken piece of your granite countertop or other surface. To make it look brand new again.



Granite polishing is a painstaking process, demanding ten times the honing with diamond abrasives as marble polishing does. This is especially true of the red and black granites, which are far denser than the lighter stones. Our craftsmen at Heaven Sent Floor Care are masters of the art of effective granite polishing.

Granite Sealing:


Heaven Sent Floor Care would be glad to assist you in sealing your granite surfaces and provide you with some common sense suggestions for maintaining your granite surfaces.

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