Limestone Floor Cleaning & Sealing Dallas

Limestone tile floors will add a lifetime of beauty to your homes decor, but only if it’s properly cared for. Before deciding that limestone tile is the best option for your home decor, it’s important to understand what’s involved in the cleaning and maintenance of limestone. Limestone is a porous material and needs to be sealed in order to prevent any etching, stains or moisture from penetrating and damaging this beautiful stone.

Limestone is not the easiest natural stone to clean and restore as it is so porous. Limestone can be restored to a honed,  matte finish or medium polished finish, in some cases it can be polished to a higher shine but it depends on the stone. Most clients merely prefer a slight sheen.

Limestone Maintenance Services


CAVEAT: Regular maintenance is key to a long lasting limestone floor for Dallas homeowners. PLEASE NOTE: Sealers break down after 2-3 years (depending on usage) and will need to be re-applied. Always make sure the cleaning products you use for your limestone tiles are pH neutral.

The photographs below of a honed limestone tile floor fitted in the entry and hall of a house in Dallas. The client had hired a tile cleaning company to clean and bring some shine back to their limestone floors. After two trips back to this Dallas couple’s home, there was no improvement. Unfortunately, the other tile cleaning company was not educated to the simple fact that cleaning the limestone floors alone would not achieve the results required.

The limestone floor is now looking as it should and the customer was delighted with the result, needless to say the other tile cleaning company was very relieved they did not have to make a third trip back.

With Heaven Sent Floor Care’s professional services, a tired dull limestone floor can be restored to a like new condition for any Dallas, TX homeowner.

cleaning, polishing limestone floor Dallas

This is the result of two trips to this Dallas home from a well-known tile cleaning company to clean and bring a shine to this couple’s limestone floor.

cleaning and sealing limestone floors Dallas

This is the result we achieved on this limestone floor after our restoration process. The blotchy appearance is from the floor not yet having dried completely yet.

cleaning, honing and sealing limestone floor Dallas, TX

This is the completed project Heaven Sent Floor Care achieved.


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