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Restore Your Shine With Our Travertine Restoration Process





A large majority of people that have travertine restoration performed are inclined to lean towards a glossy surface. In a certain amount of cases this poses a problem in the end. Despite all the warnings and detailed pictures homeowners often don’t heed the advice given. To begin with an overwhelmingly amount of travertine imported to the US has a large amount of fill present. The fill when polished does not polish to the same degree as the remainder of the stone.

This creates what can commonly be referred to as a blotchy appearance when viewed from certain angles with the natural light high lighting it. Naturally, the more windows with natural light the more pronounced the fill is. The article “What it Takes to Make Stone Shine” provides some rather good input on the subject. The main shortcoming we see in the article is the fact mentioned above about the fill.

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In any event the author deserves praise for the quality of information he provided on travertine restoration and his philosophy for teaching his client base on how to properly care for their stone surfaces.

Natural stone reflects light and does not need a topical coating or wax to achieve this desired finish. It only needs a series of diamond grits used in the proper order by a master technician who is experienced in their use. This is followed by a careful polishing technique that can only be learned from many years of experience.

Travertine restoration of a honed or polished finish involves using a series of diamond abrasives up until the desired finish is achieved. As you can see, the restoration of each separate stone surface will involve several different methods and techniques.  Virtually every week we see several travertine/marble restoration projects that were performed by companies that are woefully inexperienced in the process. Feedback from homeowners appears to indicate some to be motivated by saving some money. Granted the process is not always inexpensive. However, we often quote the phrase “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten.” If you value your investment in your home and want the very best travertine restoration services call Heaven Sent Floor Care @ 214-763-8832.