Marble Tile Cleaning

Our marble care and cleaning process typically involves the use of our high pressure hot water extraction unit (up to 1200 psi) providing for the most effective marble cleaning company in the Plano and Dallas Metroplex for your stone. Effective and through marble tile cleaning is crucial for a smooth looking uniform finish and followed up by proper marble sealing. Our unique state-of-the-art marble cleaning machine process will yield you MAXIMUM soil removal in cleaning your marble tile. We relish our client’s “Aha Moment” when they see their fresh clean and restored marble tile floors.


Dallas Marble Cleanliness Re-imagined 


Imagine your marble tile floor, which is resistant to both staining and chemicals. Heaven Sent Floor Care will  clean the marble and grout lines at a sanitized level and then, complete all the steps below

  • Our Penetrating Sealer Technology is unleashed over all the grout. The penetrating sealer molecules are hundreds of times smaller than competitor stone sealers and penetrate much deeper into the pore structure.
  • Marble must be sealed to minimize the potential for staining and etching. We will seal all the marble tile with our same  Penetrating Sealer Technology, to provide a clear natural molecular sealer appearance. The result is a fresh look, like no other – tile at its purest and most protective state.
sealing marble tile in Dallas

Benefits of sealing stone

Marble Maintenance


Marble cleaning should be part of virtually everyone’s yearly maintenance program. Undoubtedly you want to be certain you are hiring a marble cleaning company that actually knows what they are doing. More specifically, while many companies may appear to have a good reputation the Technician who actually performs the service may not have the same level of experience that the company itself claims to possess. Buyers beware!

The most common finish for marble is polished (shiny). Your professional marble cleaning company should be able to successfully identify which type of marble that you have and its vulnerabilities to different solutions and compounds.

Two of The Biggest Marble Cleaning Mistakes We See


Cleaning marble tile requires special tools, chemicals, sealers, and protectants to prevent etching, discoloration and permanent staining. Note: Staining is rare on marble. Most often, people will be convinced their marble is stained, when in reality the marble is etched.

Etched Marble Not Stained Dallas|Plano  
Honing & Polishing Dallas|Plano
Etched Marble Not Stained
Honing & Polishing


CAUTION: Never clean marble tile with cleaning products containing lemon, bleach, vinegar, or any other type of acidic product. Also never use scouring creams or powders. These types of products will etch or scratch marble floors and cause costly marble restoration services to your budget. Also NEVER clean with a high alkaline cleaner as they will break down the sealer leaving your marble surfaces vulnerable to water stains, etch marks, and other stains. We also NEVER recommend using OxiClean or Mr. Clean Magic Eraser as a cleaner on any type of natural stone. OxiClean and Mr. Clean Magic Eraser have many beneficial uses but using it to clean your marble is NOT one of them. All our clients receive a comprehensive Stone Care Guide that addresses these issues and the proper marble cleaning products to use.


Cleaning marble floors is our passion.


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