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When your travertine is new and healthy is the optimal time to protect your investment for years of use, although it’s never too late! Often when a home is purchased the travertine floors may not have been cared for as one would hope for.

Additionally, the type of finish you select for your stone can also impact how much a spill or stain will affect it. A honed or tumbled finish is more susceptible to staining and dulling by etching. Because these finishes leave the porous stone as is, they absolutely require a sealer to guard against general and daily use. A polished finish is more resistant to etching than a honed or tumbled. However, no sealer on the market is able to transform your stone floor into a “bullet proof” shield. Any company that claims their sealer is guaranteed for ten (10) years or thereabouts has some serious ethical issues.

Heaven Sent Floor Care provides top of the range travertine floor cleaning and travertine floor sealing services. We clean and seal any type of travertine floor. We use primarily two techniques to clean this type of floor. First, and the most economical option, is deep cleaning and sealing.

The second type of cleaning we can do is diamond polishing. Diamond polishing actually involves more than merely cleaning your travertine. Diamond polishing is a restoration process and based on the state your floor is in and your budget, will dictate the level of restoration performed. We discuss the details of diamond polishing restoration in detail by clicking here.

Because most travertine has a variety of tan hues in them, travertine will inherently disguise soiling.  When professionally cleaning moderately to very soiled travertine it is not uncommon for surface scratches to be uncovered along with divots and etching where a floor has not been properly maintained. Homeowners should be prepared for this reality should they desire to only invest in cleaning and sealing their travertine and not incur the expense of some level of restoration.

The chiseled edge variety of travertine pictured below is a project Heaven Sent Floor Care performed in Frisco, TX.  One of its main characteristics is the fact that the stone is full of holes, which permeate various depths of the stone. In most cases, this variety of travertine is more durable; however, it does require more meticulous maintenance to keep soiling from becoming lodged in the open face of the travertine.  




Honed, unfilled, rustic or tumbled travertine floors require a maintenance plan to keep them looking as nice as possible. This should consist of dry dust mopping daily using a clean rayon mop or static pad. Vacuuming with a hard surface vacuum will also work. This is to remove the dirt and debris that accumulates on your floor because of foot traffic, pets etc.

It is important to remove this dirt because damp mopping is also required at least weekly. If the dirt and debris that accumulates is allowed to remain on the floor, when damp mopping occurs, that dirt is turned to mud and is pushed into the grout lines by the mop. This will make your grout lines dirty very fast.

While these floors do not need the same care from abrasion as a polished floor, they are more difficult to keep clean. In part, because of the fact that they often have open holes throughout the surface of the floor, but also because these floors always have cement based sanded grout between the tiles. Dirt will accumulate in the holes and over the textured stone. Also, the sanded grout is porous, and since it is wider, will accumulate dirt there as well.

Keep in mind that sealing the stone will not keep dirt from accumulating either on the stone or grout or from collecting inside the holes of the stone. For this reason Heaven Sent Floor Care recommends that Frisco homeowners have your unfilled travertine floors professionally cleaned annually or every eighteen months depending on your life style.

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travertine tile floor cleaning & sealing Frisco, TX

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