Travertine Hole and Crack Repair

Travertine is similar to marble but typically much more cavernous, having a structure much like Swiss cheese or even a beehive with many voids and holes throughout. When travertine is fabricated for use as tiles or slabs, the finished surfaces is often filled and honed or polished flat.

Repairing Holes in Travertine Tile

If you have had your travertine for a while, you already know that new voids will open in the surface of the stone. This is simply your traffic finding weak areas in the surface of the tile where a void is hiding just beneath the surface. Experience has proven that these weak areas are caused by one or more of the following:

• Poor Quality Travertine
• Improper Installation
• Improper Maintenance

These holes will fill with dirt and become an eyesore very quickly. The best method to fill travertine voids and holes is – polyester resin. Polyester resin provides for a stronger fill. The majority of travertine is filled during fabrication with – Traver-Fill (a non-sanded grout like product). Polyester resin can be applied and leveled flat. Colors are matched onsite and a most often a fill of this nature will not be seen or detectable. In instances where there are a fair amount of holes that require filling we virtually always require our travertine cleaning and some level of travertine honing so the repairs blend in as well as feasible.

Travertine Crack Repair

Crack in Travertine Dallas|Plano  
Crack Repair Travertine Dallas|Plano
Crack in Travertine
Crack Repair Travertine

Cracks in travertine are fairly common. Anyone or a combination of the following may contribute to travertine cracks:

• Poor Quality Travertine
• Improper Installation
• Improper Maintenance
• House is Settling (are you watering around your foundation adequately?)

Are you ready to have your travertine cracks and holes repaired?

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